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My boss is cheating the company and very unethical

I work for a well known forest product company; living in Quesnel and my secrets is that my boss cheats the company religiously. He would “borrow” 50 or 20 bucks from petty cash, lie about his expense account, manipulating time cards for some of his friends who also work in the mill, etc. He regularly lies on all kinds of operational reports to make his division look better than it actually is. I have been working there for year and half now and am very uncomfortable working for him or even in that department, but I need my job. I used to love my job when I first started, but after seeing all the unethical behavior of my boss, I am disgusted with my work. I am only 22 and I am afraid to tell his boss because my boss is friends with his boss too. If I blew the whistle on him he will know that I am the one who did it. I wish he would get caught and get fired. I am thinking of helping the auditors next year and just tell them what to look for unintentionally, I am searching the web for clues and ideas.


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