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I have a crush on my students dad

I have a company on the side where I work with students. I love doing it as I know it is helping them and it helps boost my income so it works great for me. I have been doing this for some time now. In September, I started to work with a young boy. He’s dad came in to talk to me before I even started to work with him. When his dad walked through the door for the first time, I thought that I had fallen in love. I wanted him so bad right then and there. I see him two times a week and every time I see him this crush I have on him gets stronger and stronger. I dream about him and want him so badly. I would love to run into him one day out and about but I am not even sure how I would ever be able to do that. We live in different parts of the city and until he came through my door I had never seen him before in my life. I have never wanted anyone like this before. I am too old to have a crush and especially to have one on a parent of someone I work with. I know he is single so it is not like I am going after someone who is with someone else. It is so wrong for me though to want to be with a parent of one of my students. How would his son take it if I started to date his dad? I want him sooooo badly though. I think about him all the time.


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