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I slept with my bestfriend’s boyfriend

My secret is that I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend. A band I really liked came to town. I was able to get two tickets to go see them. My best friend had planned on coming with me but she got really sick the day before the concert. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me so I asked if it would be ok if her boy friend went with me. She said it would be fine as she knew that I really wanted to see the band and it was also one of his favourite bands and he had been jealous that he couldn’t get tickets.

I had floor tickets and we were right up front partying away. I love dancing and he was right with me there. All night we were bumping and grinding like there was no tomorrow. As I had been drinking that night he drove me home. I asked him to help me inside. When we got in the door I closed and locked it. He just looked at me and started to kiss me. We had amazing sex that night. I would like to say we did it several times but really it was just the whole night. I am not sure we ever really stopped.

The next morning we got up and kissed each other good bye. Later that day we saw each other again as we were both over at my best friends place. We never said anything about what happened that night. They are now married and have 2 kids but I still dream of being with him again


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