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My secret is that I like sex with girls!

My secret is that I like sex with girls. I live in a small town called Prince George. Here is my secret. I came home last week from a bad date with my boyfriend. We had gone to a movie then he took me home to his palace for drinks. We kissed and fooled around a bit but it was early in our relationship (only our second date) even though he was handsome and refined, I said no, I was not ready. He got angry and slapped me. He kicked me out of his apartment and I used my cell to call a cab home. I got back to my apartment and my roommate Lisa was there I saw her and broke down and started to cry. She finally got the story from me and hugged me. I found myself kissing her, her lips were on mine it was the first time I kissed a girl I still had a rash on my face from my boyfriends beard. Her lips were so soft her skin smooth she smelled like peaches and toothpaste she is a little taller than me but our bodies still flowed together. Even though she was the aggressor I was not passive I kissed her back and loved it somehow we ended up in her room and stretched out on her bed we made love it was soft warm she knew where to touch me. I pleased her knowing if I would like it she would like. It was a freeing experience but now I am so confused I still like sex with men I think….but all I can think about is Lisa and kissing her again. We have not done anything for the whole week we went back to being roommates and friends but I want to do it again.


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