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Wish I was there – Cheating girl sucks off random

My girl is a short mousy type Latina chubby sexy bitch with 38dd that look exaggerated on her! And huge thighs that keeps her fat pussy juicy and moist all day. And hips and but so big it makes it hard to buy pants. Anyways … I’m one of her few lovers and to be honest I’m not that great. Medium 6 inch dick and not too much stamina. After 5 years of living together she admits she’s been craving a big dick hardcore fucking her. I was amazed because she was a church girl when I met her and now she’s telling me this!!

Anyways I always tell her she’s fine with cheating on me but I want it recorded somehow. Well two years later she took me by surprise. She works as a cashier in a famous food spot and I guess this man comes in and flirts with her so much that day that she has to take her lunch early…with him. She records using the voice memos on the phone and continues to jump inside his truck. He explains he just got out of jail last week and hasn’t had pussy in 16 months! She goes on to sound surprised saying what?! Well her type that she goes crazy for is gangster jail type Latino guys. I guess she likes bad boys!  Later I found he was tall good looking real well built tattoos everywhere and a big meat!  They bullshit for a little and then I hear smooching and tongues smacking then I hear a zipper go down and a dick getting jerked. She lets out a satisfying moan and whispers “oh shit your dicks fucking huge! I can barely wrap my hand around it” I can hear him playing with it and he demands her to suck it. She immediately gargles it down and chokes and slurps it up. I can then hear him start to fuck her face. Hitting the back of her throat gave a satisfying sound to me! Now I can hear her pussy getting played with. It sounded ridiculous moist. This went on for a few minutes … Moaning … smacking lips … Kissing … Until I heard him say he was going to cum. I heard her go wild on his dick trying to make him cum hard. Well he let out a loud moan and came all over my girlfriend face and hair she told me. He offered a towel but she said no and wiped it clean with her finger and swallowed it up. He went on to say “damn bitch u kinky!” she chuckled and said ya. Her lunch was over… And boy did she eat … So they exchanged numbers … as well as fluids… And made a date to fuck in a hotel … Well this is the end of the first part of my girlfriend the cum bucket!! If you want to hear next chapter … Just wait lol.


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