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I want to have sex with the best man from my wedding

I’ve had a crush on my ex-husband’s best friend since before we were married. There is just something about the way that he smells, so masculine and fresh, like he’s just come out of the ocean. I used to make excuses to touch him and if I’d met him before I started dating my husband I probably would have been with him already.

I once had the opportunity to be with him, but I was unwilling to cheat on my boyfriend (now my ex-husband) and I regret it to this day. All three of us used to work in the same office when we were university students and there was one night when I was rubbing his neck, the way I used to rub my boyfriend’s neck, while he worked at the computer and I just leaned down and kissed his ear. I don’t know why I did it; it was like a muscle memory. It was something I did so frequently for my boyfriend that my hands and lips acted out of habit. It was delicious and delicate and we were alone and could have gone further, but I had shocked both of us. After that he’d joke about trading partners, his girlfriend for me and I wanted to take him up on the offer.

Now that I’m free he’s got a partner and isn’t so I’ve missed my chance. But if he’s ever single again, and I’m still available, I would have sex with him without hesitation.


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