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I’ve Stopped Worrying Wanting Sex

I used to worry that I liked sex too much. I’m one of those girls who can cum from the right kind of touch, I’m almost always right on the edge of arousal and orgasms are a given. I don’t understand women who talk about never having an orgasm. For me, it’s more about losing count. And I used to worry that I was strange or wrong, that my desire was odd.

I don’t worry that I like sex too much now. After a 10 year marriage, where the last 4 or 5 years were virtually sexless, I just worry about finding a partner who is as interested as I am. I’m really just looking for someone who’s ready when I am, who wants it as bad, who can’t keep his hands off me. It was really frustrating to be married to someone who had been so passionate and willing before we got married and then so inhibited afterward, it was like he just stopped being interested once he got the ring on my finger.

Before we were married, before we were even really dating (I was 19 and still lived with my parents), he’s sneak into my bedroom every morning, cold from the walk over to my house, and we’d have sex until it was time to go to class. We used to have sex everywhere! At my house while my parents were out, or sometimes quietly while they were there, outside on the grounds of UNBC, at night in closed classroom on campus, in the car, basically anywhere and everywhere, but when we moved into an apartment, he stifled everything. He was afraid the neighbours would hear, but I didn’t care. I was ready all the time, I would have stopped everything for a look or a touch. I never thought about cheating, never looked for intimacy outside of my marriage, but I was really unhappy because I was so unfulfilled and lonely. There’s only so much a girl can do for herself.

Now that my husband and I have parted for good, I’m looking for a partner who wants me, who wants sex, whose cock gets hard at the thought of how wet and ready I am all the time. Who tries to talk to me about other things, but fails because he just wants to rip my clothes off with his teeth.

But nobody knows this about me! No one has any idea how wet I am at any given moment, how easily I can orgasm, how willing I would be if someone were to ask. I look like the quintessential good girl: I’m active in my church, I do volunteer work, I don’t drink or go to bars. I’m just always ready for cock, I just don’t worry about it being a problem anymore.


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One Response to “I’ve Stopped Worrying Wanting Sex”

  1. Pgbdb Says:

    I would love a go with you I love sex can’t get enough either I’m normal and attractive let’s hookup

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