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Saying Yes on Plenty of Fish

I’ve recently started using dating websites like Plenty of Fish and at first I thought I wanted to make friends or possibly find a boyfriend, but more and more I’m realizing that all I want is to have sex with random men. I had a date with a guy from Vanderhoof that ended with us having sex in the back of my car and we got together again this weekend for what we both convinced ourselves was going to be a weekend of “getting to know you” time, but really ended up as close to 24 hours of sex. We barely left our room. It was amazing. The sex itself was pretty vanilla, no secret handshakes or special moves, but the idea that we were in a b & b to just have sex was thrilling. Knowing that we would part in the morning, for who knows how long, made every thrust seem more urgent. We had sex for hours, would doze or cuddle and then go again. His touch was soft and he was gentle with me when we needed gentle and urgent and raw when we needed urgency. There was no real talking, just touch, in the dark. There was no need for talk.

It was really nice to just be wanted for my body! And I really only wanted the guy for his body, I didn’t care about his hopes or his dreams, or the content of his character. All I wanted was his cock. And he gave it to me, all night long.

Now, I don’t know if I should keep looking for random hook ups or not. I really enjoyed myself this weekend (over, and over, and over) but it’s against my entire up bringing and values to search out random sex.

I’m still nervous about setting things up on my own, but I’d probably say yes if someone asked me and the chemistry was there. Attraction is instinctual and not necessarily intellectual. You can have tender, gentle sex or raw, urgent sex with someone you don’t feel intellectually compatible with, I know, I just did.

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