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Skype Sex is the Safest Sex of All

I’ve been trying online dating, going to a few different websites, putting up similar profiles and online chatting. Until really recently, I’ve been very hesitant to send out pictures of myself other than the head shot I use, but I’ve got nice boobs. I’m really happy with them and since I’m not super happy with too much else about my body, I wanted to show them off. So, I took a couple of pictures of myself with different bras on and when a guy asked about my boobs (which inevitably happens), I’d send him some pics. I got good feedback on those pictures, really good feedback. And it was flattering and the praise was a little addictive. And I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with it, I mean it was titillating and a bit risqué but not harmful in anyway.

But I’m crossed another line recently. I’ve started to skype chat with a guy in another city and I’ve been doing more than just sending him pictures of my breasts. It started more as an experiment to see if his webcam was working and I was a little tipsy after a night at a friend’s. One thing led to another and pretty soon I was flashing him my naked boobs and giggling about it. The next night was the same, except I got a little dressed up, or well maybe undressed up would be a better term. I put on a sexier nightie, and nice underwear and during our chat, casually took off my nightie. And touched my boobs, fondling them, playing with them while he watched. I teased him with fairly predictable results. And it was so much fun, I did it the next night too. I think I’m going to keep chatting with and stripping for him. It’s sexy and it’s fun and in this day and age probably the safest kind of sex in the world

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