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Sex with Two Guys, One Day

So, I’m not really proud of myself for this. I’m not exactly ashamed either, but it’s something I never, ever thought I would do. I’ve been seeing two guys – for the sake of clarity let’s call them Steve and Dan – not seriously and very casually but there hadn’t been any overlap. I’d see Steve on one day, Dan another day and while I started sleeping with both of them, both knew I was seeing other people and we were careful. This didn’t last long before I decided that two guys was too much. I just didn’t have time for both so I decided to tell Steve that I couldn’t see him anymore, that my life was just too complicated and that I felt bad, but we had to break things off. He took it pretty well, probably ‘cause I had sex with him as a kind of goodbye and here’s where things take a turn. I did not plan to do this, I had no idea I was going to do this, but when Dan texted me to come over that same night (I’d seen Steve in the afternoon), I went over and we had sex. It was wild and passionate and really hot because it felt really naughty. I’d been having sex with someone else only hours before and now there was a new guy inside me, new hands on my breasts, a new tongue in my mouth. I felt dirty and powerful, but I am never going to do that again.

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