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My wife with another man!

We live in Toronto. Me and my wife used to talk about having another man join us. I am a black man with brown skin and my wife is a beautiful Caucasian blonde hair. We would always talk about having sex with another Caucasian man. We were redecorating our house and needed a handyman. She said she had a friend who could do it for a small price. So I asked her to invite him over. We met on a Friday afternoon. We discussed about what is that needed to be done. Then he gave me a price quote. I told him I need to talk to her before making the decision. He said he could come over in the evening to discuss further. I agreed. When my wife got home I told her that he was coming back in the evening. Of course I told her that if she wanted she could try to seduce him. She got dressed and was looking good. He came back around 7 and we were discussing about the work. I could see that she liked what she saw and he was trying not to look at her. After all they were friends from before. I said why I don’t go get something to drink. He offer to go but my wife said no, so off I went. After I came back with some drinks I saw her tops on the floor in the hallway and could hear his voice ordering her to suck his cock. I walked in the living room and saw her on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I watched her pleasing this guy and then this guy pleasing my wife from the living room. It was one of the hottest experiences I ever had.


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