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Regret, I cheated on my ex wife

Six months ago I got married to my now wife. We both had an affair with each other on adult friend finder. I was not happy in my relationship and she was not happy in hers. So we both ended up cheating on our spouses. At first we had a fling from Meet Locals and then as fate would have it we again met from Ashley Madison in Vancouver. Of course thinking it was the “fate” we both decided to continue our relationship. We eventually got married. She was a very sexy, attentive lover and a very sweet person who act like she had plenty in common with me. She would say she likes to watch the football; she likes to go fishing and stuff like that those I am interested in. I thought I found my soul mate. Her daughter, however, would ask me if I was sure I wanted to marry her mother. I would say, yes, of course. Little did I know why she was asking those things?

As soon as we got married she flipped. For no apparent reason she stopped having sex with me. She never touches me. She stays on the computer at all times. I know the circumstances on how we met. We both cheated in our previous relationships, but I don’t know if this all a game to her. When she comes home she goes straight to the computer. She doesn’t even speak to anyone in the house. She doesn’t drink or smoke so I am not sure what is going on. Her daughter wants me to adopt her and divorce her mother so she can leave us alone. She is a terrible mother and a terrible wife. I don’t like her at all. I wish life was simple. Some days now I miss my previous relationship. I miss my ex and regret cheating on her. I wish I never cheated.


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