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I love it when my boyfriend spanks me in public

I enjoy being spanked by my boyfriend. Yes, who doesn’t? This story happened in Vancouver. We went for a vacation to Vancouver last yer. One evening when we went to the bar, I started playing the brat.Of course lots of teasing going on from both sides. All of a sudden he grabbed my arm and put me over his knee. For some reasons it all happened so quick but by this time a drunk crowd had gathered around us with their drinks in hand. I made it worse by yelling and cursing. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I asked him to spank me because I was being naughty. Crowed seem to agree with it and they encouraged him by cheering. He responded by flipping up my skirt and lowering my panties. Crowed went nuts and of course he proceed to spanking me with about ten people watching and cheering. It was the hottest thing ever. I don’t think we can pull this off in our town of Quesnel, but I really want this to happen again! I love the fact that he spanks me so good.

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