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Peeping Toms of New York

Ever since I was a kid I loved to watch people when they didn’t know it. Something about it that just turns me on. A friend and I used to roam the neighborhood in New York at night and peek in peoples windows. We even had a secret club called Peeping Toms of New Yourk (PTNY). To this day it thrills me to watch people when they don’t know it, especially if they are doing something sexual. I have also been involved in several threesomes through Ashley Madison, and found I enjoyed watching the other 2 people getting it on more than I enjoy joining in. I still talk to people online and try to do all these fantasies. One of the reasons why I am still single.


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One Response to “Peeping Toms of New York”

  1. Coco Says:

    hahaha but living w someone is like being the ultimate peeping tom!!

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