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Happily married but still cheating on my husband in Prince George

My secret is that I am cheating on my husband. I am 35 years old woman and have a 7 year old son from a previous marriage. I was raised in a normal environment in a fairly small town known as Prince George in British Columbia. My parents have been married for 46 years, but have had their fair share of affairs. There were many times I would never see my father because he would be gone in the morning (or still asleep) when I would go to school and then he wouldn’t come home until after we (my sisters) were in bed. He had stayed out drinking. My mother also would bring over her special friends when she thought we were sleeping. We would pretend we were sleeping but could hear her having sex down stairs with these strangers. I am the oldest of four siblings. I have been happily married to my second husband for 7 years. I am bisexual but don’t act on it, unless my husband is involved too. My husband does not have a problem with it at all. Heck, we had some amazing threesomes with the people we met from Plenty of Fish and Ashley Madison.

I met a man 3 years ago who turned my happily married world upside down. In these past 3 years, his wife and I have become best friends. We originally met on Plenty of Fish. We all go out together every weekend and have a great time. Sex is very hot because we swing together. As time went by this new guy and I became more involved. Obviously his wife and my husband do not know the he and I have our own relationship going on the side. We took a break for about a year because we both felt guilty for our partners. We were not supposed to have sex without our partners but we broke that rule. In the past 2 weeks he and I have been having cyber sex daily and it’s just a matter of time before we are going to be “together” again. The sex with my husband is far more satisfying than the sex with my lover. But sex with the lover is more thrilling and adventurous than with my husband. He says the same about his intimacy with his wife. I love my husband dearly and know that my lover is not worth risking my marriage and her friendship for, but I still do it! I enjoy it very much!


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