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I like the DJ from 94xfm in Prince George. Is it just a crush? Or destiny?

Thank God for this site. I’ve had to keep this bottled up inside for months and months. I am a single woman living in Prince George. I moved here 10 months ago for a job and the first thing I did after finding an apartment was try to find a good radio station.

I’ll admit it – I kind of like a bit of AC/DC with my morning muffin and I found my perfect radio station – 94X!

Soon after discovering this incredible station (where I came from there wasn’t anything like it) I began to take notice of one of the announcers voices. His voice makes my toes want to curl in ecstasy. Is that weird? That a voice could turn me on so much. It doesn’t matter so much as what he says. He could be talking about pig manure or kissing my earlobe and I think I’d have the same reaction. Although, I don’t think he’s ever talked about either on the radio.

After making this rather pleasant discovery I logged on to the station website and he is a delicious looking as he sounds! I just want to run into his strong arms and have him whisk me away. If only there was a way. I can guarantee it would be a night he’d not soon forget.

I haven’t mustered up the courage to call him – but I may some day. I just wish there was a way that I could meet him with out it being ‘weird’ and ‘stalker-ish’.

Is it so strange that I have such a strong connection to a man that I never have met yet wake up to every day? If I could just wake up next to him. Sigh.

Lovelorn in PG


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2 Responses to “I like the DJ from 94xfm in Prince George. Is it just a crush? Or destiny?”

  1. RockLover Says:

    I am really liking this site a lot too. But I was going to write about this on a secret post; you beat me to it. I think I know who you are talking about. I have a crush on him too but I think he is married or has girlfriend. Prince George is a small town. If you go to on location events, I am sure you can meet him that way. Just go upto him and say you are there for the on location event. Ask some questions and flirt! Its not wrong to have such strong connections I dont think, however its what you do with those strong feelings is what we all worry about!

  2. cuteasabutton Says:

    well if it’s who I think it is i don’t think he has a g/f and he’s NOT married anymore, if it’s the same guy. But really there’s pretty much only one 😉

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