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I am in love with the “other guy” but I have a boyfriend!

I just need this secret off my chest. I got divorced a few years ago and I met this guy over the phone. I was selling my stuff because I was moving, and he called to ask about some items, right away he said I had a sexy voice and before I knew we were talking on the phone for an hour. He made it clear that he was married but he said he love making “friends.” He told me that he wasn’t happy in his marriage. I feel very alive when I talk to him or I am with him. Meanwhile I was dating so I was going out with guys, because he made it clear that he won’t divorce his wife. So I moved on, or so I thought. Few months later he contacted me that he was getting divorced but he was with an old girlfriend, but he want to see me. By that time I was with my current boyfriend. I hooked up just once with him and it was amazing. I melted in his arms and I wish I could bring that night back. Next day after we hooked up he said he felt so bad cheating. We kept talking on the texts and phone for a while after that. I moved in with my boyfriend and I decided that I will put an end to it. So I blocked his cell number and I didn’t’ hear from him, until now. I didn’t know they only block numbers for a few months and then it is unblocked unless you block it again. He called me up and off course I couldn’t help myself to answer it. He said he wanted me so bad. Oh he has a baby now with his girlfriend. Yes! Nice huh! My boyfriend is everything that I could ask for except a few bad habits and we have a lot in common. But I am not in love with my boyfriend. I do like him but not in love him. But I am head over hills with this other guy, who has a girlfriend and a baby now; I think of him every day and I was depressed when we couldn’t talk. I think he loves me but we never said that to each other. I don’t know what to do. I could block his number again or just change mine all together. Nobody knows about my secret love and it can’t get out either. I am not sure what I m going to do. My heart aches that I can’t be with my secret love. Why we get two guys the same time?

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