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My boyfriend used to physically abuse me!

Not many people know this, but my boyfriend of 3 years, now ex boyfriend, has hit me before. A few slaps in the face, and one time we got into a really bad fight where i fought back, finally the day i decided to leave him he punched me in the mouth to where i was bleeding, he busted my lip. it has been 1 year and 2 months since we broke up, i have yet to become anyones girlfriend since then. i dont think i will ever get over it enough to become someones girlfriend again.


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One Response to “My boyfriend used to physically abuse me!”

  1. admin Says:

    This type of things really make me sick. I can’t believe why someone would hit anyone let alone your girlfriend or anyone you love. I am a guy. I just can’t stand this kind of abuse. I hope you have reported him to the police. However, I don’t think you should let this incident or that a$$hole to ruin your life like this. You must find happiness. If you don’t get over it then he wins. Do not let him win. Remember “abuse” is not love and love is not abuse. Even though you were with him for 3 years I don’t think it was love. I just hope you find happiness.

    Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I know it must have been very hard to share it but I am sure all my readers are sending you virtual hugs and wishing you all the best.

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