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How I ended up cheating on my wife in Prince George

I now live in Edmonton but moved here from Prince George, British Columbia. I was married there for 5 years to a beautiful girl. But after the first year she started to gain weight and became fat. Then turned to a ugly b-t-h and started to treat me like a doormat. She constantly accused me of cheating on her till I finally got sick of it and started cheating on her. I had sex with everyone I could. At first it made me feel sexy and special, it made me very powerful and energetic, and then it became an addiction. I know I was never like this but I became this way because of the BS I put up with from my wife at home.
It took more and more to make me feel good about myself again. I eventually just stopped caring about my wife. Then one day I left my wife, and ended up with one of the girls I was cheating on her with. It was the best decision I ever made in my life!

Yes I feel guilty, but not for cheating, only for being a slut for so long.

The girl I am with now is amazing and I would never do that to her under any circumstances because she treats me very well and makes me feel the most important guy in the world in her life. I don’t need to feel important to every single girl on earth. Just one and she is the one. I would never hurt her in any way at all. I think girls should treat guys well just as guys should treat girls. Otherwise things will go bad for everyone.

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One Response to “How I ended up cheating on my wife in Prince George”

  1. Brad Says:

    You say u felt guilty about being a slut and yet you stopped being a slut when you started being with a girl who treated you well. Was the being a slut simply a reaction to being treated bad? You get control back by cheating against the person who is controlling you by saying you cannot cheat. You also get that affirmation we all need to live?

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