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I am cheating on my boyfriend: I can’t say no to my secret lover

I live in Saskatoon and moved here from Prince Rupert for my current relationship. I’m 26 and in a five year relationship with the best guy in the world. Recently, however, I have been messing around with a guy I have met on Facebook. I have become very attached to him for some reasons. Probably because the way he pays attention to me and makes me feel or just the thrill of forbidden fruit. It’s been happening for last few months. He knows I have a boyfriend but still we would hookup at his place. I would like to my boyfriend saying I am going out with the girls but I was actually going for my secret rondevu. I love my boyfriend and am very happy in my relationship; I don’t want to be messing around!! I have told this other guy I can’t do this anymore, as I have never cheated before in my life. Everytime I talk to him, somehow he gets to me. I just can’t stop this. Every time I cheat I regret it after. I can’t say no to my secret lover.

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