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Plenty of Fish – My story from Saskatoon

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I am a very lighthearted person and Plenty of Fish (POF) has totally killed my will for even trying to cheer myself up. I really gave Plenty of Fish a shot, when I was living in Saskatoon before moving to Memphis, Tennessee. I thought I worked really hard on great and interesting profile! I had real pictures of myself and a great storyline which was real. After all I wanted to capture the eye of that “one true girl.” Well to my disbelief, all I’d mostly get was ‘read deleted.’ Once in a blue moon I would get a reply back telling me how much they loved my profile and then suddenly stop responding. I just don’t get it. It has actually depressed me to the point where I deleted my profile. After all I didn’t want my self-esteem to be bruised by arrogant, materialistic, self-proclaimed “great catch” ladies. Plenty of Fish should be called “Plenty of Waste of Time!”

My beautiful wife

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Unlike a lot of the jerks on this site …. I LOVE MY WIFE. She truly is the Best person I know. I would never do anything to hurt her. I will always be true to her. She is kind to our children. She loves us and I see it by her thoughtful little actions she does for us everyday. Yours forever and always. J.W.

P.S.-please get better. We need need you to keep our family whole. Love you!

I am cheating on my boyfriend: I can’t say no to my secret lover

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I live in Saskatoon and moved here from Prince Rupert for my current relationship. I’m 26 and in a five year relationship with the best guy in the world. Recently, however, I have been messing around with a guy I have met on Facebook. I have become very attached to him for some reasons. Probably because the way he pays attention to me and makes me feel or just the thrill of forbidden fruit. It’s been happening for last few months. He knows I have a boyfriend but still we would hookup at his place. I would like to my boyfriend saying I am going out with the girls but I was actually going for my secret rondevu. I love my boyfriend and am very happy in my relationship; I don’t want to be messing around!! I have told this other guy I can’t do this anymore, as I have never cheated before in my life. Everytime I talk to him, somehow he gets to me. I just can’t stop this. Every time I cheat I regret it after. I can’t say no to my secret lover.

Armageddon or Armageddon on – Embarrassing movie download

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

This part is not my confession but just the story. I download movies off the internet only when I can’t find the movies in store or older movies. I like to buy movies because full DVD rack in my house makes me happy.

So a few years ago I was downloading “Armageddon.” You know the Bruce Willis movie. The world is going to end when NASA finds an Asteroid is in the collision path with the earth and unless they come up with a drastic plan, this is the beginning of the end of the planet earth. Well, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it in store. I searched online and everyone wants too much for it. Movie itself was cheaper but the shipping cost was killer. So I thought I would download it. Off I went.

After it downloaded, I wanted to enjoy the movie with my new girlfriend. Well to my surprise, when I played the movie , I did not get “Armageddon” but “Armageddon on.” It was an adult movie and can you imagine the embarrassment? I apologized to my girlfriend and I am so glad to say she still loves me and we have been together for 4 years now.

I cheated on my husband with my ex-boyfriend

Monday, March 15th, 2010

My story begins with an old love. We all have had them, we continue on and from time to time wonder how they are doing. My thoughts however, never went away.  I longed to be with him. I was envious of him. I wanted him to be mine. When I heard he was getting married, I had to get married. It was that bad. I thought of him most of my days. During my commute to work, during my interactions with my husband and even while we had sex. Needless to say this was taking a toll on the relationship with my husband. I did not care that was not my focus at the time.

One summer day while visiting Prince George where he still lived I had a desire to see him. I knew where he lived with his wife and children and drove by the home. To my luck he was outside mowing the lawn. I could not resist I had to stop and say hello at least. He was concerned what the neighbours would say about a strange women stopping by so we went inside to talk. The passions were still there. We started kissing. The guilt rose in me, this was a married man.  I then thought, but he was mine first. So we locked the doors while his children played outside. We enjoyed a wild sexual encounter on his living room floor. I know I should have stopped there. I could not resist the temptations. I continued to see him for a few weeks. Finally my conscience told me this was not okay. I cut off our communications for many months. Allowing him to be happy with his wife that he loved  very much. I tried to rebuild my relationship but to no avail. I left my husband.

I was visiting my mother another visit to the city and the phone rang. It was him. He was trying to contact me to tell me his wife and he had split up. That he would really like to see me again. We met up and of course landed ourselves in bed. It was a day we will never forget. It was purely sexual at the time however resulted in something we did not expect. We failed to use protection and I became pregnant. I knew he did not love me the way I wanted him to. I could not expect him to be a father to a child that was created from adultery and lust. We made a big decision and chose to abort the child. As we went to the clinic together that day and handed the nurse the money our child was no longer. Even though it was the best decision at the time, to this day I wonder about what our 2 year old child would be like today.