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Fun at Connaught Hill in Prince George when I was young and brazen

I have hooked up with guys in public parks like Fort George Park in Prince George, restrooms, and the school gym. I love giving handjobs and blowjobs. Yes I was a slut when I was younger. This story still turns me on. It was up at Connaught Hill in Prince George that had a lot activities going on. I was being really brazen that day because I needed to get laid. I was walking around with some friends (all of us wanted to get laid) with my shorts on and bright red thong of which I was showing the waist band and whale tail. We all walked around in the park. We noticed a guy was following us. As I said I was being brazen that day, so I walked a short way into the woods and much to my delight he followed me. We didn’t exchange a word he just knew what to do. He didn’t have a shirt on so our chest was press against each other and we started stroking each other. I was super hot already so I dropped to my knees and gave him a handjob and a blowjob. In the middle of it he picked me up in the air and fucked me for a while. Then I got down on my knees and resumed my blowjob and handjob business. He blew in me within 2 minutes of it. Yes, I swallow. After that he just left and I joined my friends. It was intense. I still fantasize about those days.


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  1. James Quin Says:

    How old are you now?

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