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Dating two guys at the same time at PGSS

I am a 16 year old girl going to Prince George Secondary School (PGSS) and I have two boyfriends since I am 14. One is 16 and the other is 19. It is very hard to date two guys at the same time at this age but I am somehow managing it. I make excuses after excuses to hang out with each of them. I love the attention I get from them; I love the gifts I get and everything else too. Lately it is becoming very hard to lie all the time to both of them so I want to break up with the 16 year old but I don’t know how. I am madly in love with the 19 year old and I lost my virginity to him and have had sex with him a lot after that. He knows what he does in bed. Sometimes it feels like I teach the 15 year old what I am learning from the 19 year old. He lost his virginity to me also. It would break his heart to know I’ve been cheating on him. I hope he never finds out. I know this relationship will never last but still I am hoping for the best.


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One Response to “Dating two guys at the same time at PGSS”

  1. ildiko Says:

    I know what you are going thru,i m kind of in the same boat,I think you should go with the 19year old, guys mature with age maybe you should be just honest with the 16 year old, its hard to truly love two person the same time. take care

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