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Cyber friend whom I met on Ashley Madison, never in person

I had profiles on ashley madison and meet locals. I met this one guy fromĀ Ashley MadisonĀ in Prince George and I have been chatting with him for quite awhile, almost a year or so now. He is funny, charming and sweet. He always pays attention to me and always says hello. I am not really sure of what he thinks of me though. I have tried to arrange a meeting a few times and he always has an excuse. I think I scare him. He knows that i have in the past had sexual encounters. I am not sure if he thinks I might take advantage of him or what. I know we could be even better friends if he met me but yet he will not. Maybe I would damage his good boy image. I don’t know. Regardless I will continue to chat with him and hope that one day he might break down and actually meet me. Who knows he might actually like me.. lol. Or I may just continue to be his online friend belonging in his cyber world.


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