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My younger friends with benefits

About 4 years ago i was chatting with a friend of mine, what I thought was a friend. I then realized it was a buddy of his that was over at his house on his messenger. We started chatting and I added him as a friend. We continued to chat for a bit and the discussion turned sexual. He knew that I was married but that my husband and I at times would have fun. One thing led to another and I do not recall how it happened but I went over to his house one night and we had sex. My husband was aware. We obviously enjoyed it because we continued to do it. It was not until about month three that I realized he was alot younger than I. He looked older and I did not think of asking. Age does not matter I guess. Both of us continued to have fun. We enjoyed a threesome with my husband a few times. We have continued to see each other occassionally for the past four years. It is exciting and turns both myself, him and my husband on. It is a perfect relationship. It brings excitement to my marriage and helps him release some sexual tension. In the past year we have also begun to cuddle afterwards and talk about the stresses of life. I hope he finds a great girl soon, but then again will be sad that our arrangement will end. Until then I will enjoy the fantastic sex and the convenient arrangement. It must be good when he is ten years my junior and keeps coming back for more. Lucky for me. Thats how my friend became my friends with benefits.


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  1. MyNameIsEarl Says:

    Nice post. I wish I was your friend.

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