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I have a backup husband and they both know of eachother

I am happily married and have been for a long time. My husband and I have somewhat of an open relationship. With agreement we may see other people for casual encounters. A few years ago, actually about 6 now I went away for work. I had a chat friend in the city in which I was visiting. We met and hooked up and had a great weekend. Went for dinner, toured the city, and enjoyed each others company. My husband was fully aware of it all and actually encouraged it. The friend was totally respectful of my marriage as well. We continued to chat and remained friends. A couple years later I again visited the city for work. Where I was staying that my work had paid for was in somewhat of a sketchy neighbourhood and I was uncomfortable wtih some of the patrons. My friend came to visit me there and was worried as well for my safety. He requested I stay at his home. With hubby’s argreement I stayed with him. This stay was for an entire week. It was a great week, where we spent the evenings touring the city, going shopping, movies, golf etc. We had a great time and really enjoyed each other. Before I left we both expressed strong feelings for each other, however both aware that we did not want to ruin my marriage or life back home. So we went our seperate ways.

It has been about three or four years now since I have seen him. We chat occassionally. The other day I asked of his love life and relationships. He stated he has not met anyone and feels after being with me his standards are too high. He then stated “you are the one I was meant to marry”. It was something I did not expect. He has said if I was ever single that he would be here in a heartbeat to sweep me off my feet and marry me in an instant. It is an exhilirating feeling but definitely one I cannot tell my husband. For being a woman with previously no secrets from her husband this is one I truly will never reveal. So I go on holding the notion that there is another man out there that wishes to be with me, yet we both know this will never happen. It is an exciting but sad secret I will hold forever. He is discussing coming to visit and I don’t know how I will contain the emotions in front of my husband. Here’s hoping the best. It is so hard to love more than one.


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