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I still fantasize about sex with my first boyfriend who was 12, when I was 10 years old

I am now married at 26, living in Prince George. I had my first oral and sexual experience when I was 10 years old with my boyfriend at that time who was 12. I even don’t remember how it all happened but I know the end result. I told my husband about it because he wanted to know about my past and he freaked out. We talked about it and he is okay with it because it is in the past. But, I know it was wrong and I didn’t know any better. No one was telling me what was good and bad. I was always curious. But, my husband does not know that when it happened I actually loved it. That’s all I remember. It was really pleasurable for me. I still fantasize about it. We would have sex while we were playing at the backyard or playing doctors at his house while parents were not around. I would actually lead him on because the pleasure was so intense.


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