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My boy toy in Utah made my sex life exciting

After a lot of petting with this cute boy “it” happened. I met him on an affair site called Ashley Madison in Utah. I was cheating on my husband because I was 38 with high sex drive but he was not interested. One thing lead to another and it just happened. My boy toy was 21. He came over to my house after school several times and had put his hand in my panties and even pushed a finger around in me a little but then would stop when I told him it hurt. I knew he was not experienced, which added to the excitement because I wanted to teach him “my way.” The memories of how much excitement I felt are incredible. It was absolutely amazing, the forbidden lust. I remember my boy toy on top of me one day. His skin was smooth and warm. He pulled my pants down and then my thong and got in between my legs and instantly started thrusting into me. I was so tight and it felt like a huge pole trying to get in to my body. I started telling him no, no, stop. But he was beyond hearing stage. I think he was in an ecstasy land. As quick as it began he finished, he climaxed in me with a loud bang. As he got up he asked me if I would let his friend do me someday because boys will be boys, apparently he was bragging about me to his friends. I said no. Now my sex life with my husband has turned around because I am trying new things with him. My husband makes incredible love to me and can make me come so hard that juice runs out of my pussy and gets all over his face. I guess you have to know firsthand how bad something can be to appreciate the good. When I am with my husband, I imagine my boy toy which gets me every time. Too bad we moved to Florida. I don’t think many boy toys will like a 51 year old female! I wish I could find some no-strings attached relationship here with some younger guys.

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