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A fantasy no one knows of: Many Men at the same time!

Apparently when you hit a certain age you are in your “prime”. I am not sure exactly what defines it as your prime, sexual peek, desire, experimentation or what? I know most of my adult life I have pretty much been prime. I enjoy sex daily, sometimes several times a day. I am married and still I continue to have a great deal of sex. My husband and I have experimented over the years nothing to “odd or bizzare” but exciting. We have swaped with couples, had threesomes, and the odd adventure alone with each others knowledge. I have honestly lived out many fantasies of mine. I have a regular friend that I like to visit and this excites myself and my hubby. Yet, there is one fantasy I have not yet tried. Having a night with multiple men, a gang bang if you will. I really have a distaste for that word but for those of you that are getting off by reading this..”I want a full out sex at every moment, multiple men fondling me, gang bang.” The funny thing is this has always just been a private thought, one I do not even confess to my husband, although I think he has his suspicions. The other day however I receive a text from a friend of mine that lives far away and I have had a sexual encounter with once or twice. He out of the blue says I have a friend and him, myself and your husband should have a wild night together. I must admit the moment I read that my panties got damp. I am not sure it is something I will follow through on but just maybe the possibility is there. Until that day happens I will continue to fantasize about my night with many men. I now have the faces to put to that fantasy. Soon I may even have the sounds, the feelings, the wetness and the excitement. Story to follow if the opportunity arises.

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