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I made a man happy for 100 dollar

I was pumping gas at a gas station in Prince George, when a cute guy pulled up to do the same. We chatted; just hi hello and nodded our heads. We went to pay the gas attendant at the same time. He flirted, telling me how hot he thought I was. I thought that was strange because you never say that to a stranger. He invited me around in back of the service station to smoke a joint. He was really hitting on me when I told him I was married and had to go. With that he suddenly said, I`ll give you a hundred dollars for a blow job. It caught me by surprise. I told him I could really use the money but hubby would kill me. He said; well just don’t tell on yourself. I don’t know what got into me (must have been the pot) but I agreed and sucked his cock. I didn’t want to swallow a stranger’s load so when he started to cum I lifted my shirt and bra and let him shoot his load on my tits. He thanked me and gave me my hundred dollars. I was really nervous when I got home. I quickly got in the shower cleaned myself and pretending like nothing ever happened. To this day I think that was HOT.


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  1. Yo Says:

    I don’t believe you =)

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