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Shoplifting adventure

A while ago, I went shopping with my friend a high-end boutique downtown. My friend had been a bitch to me earlier in the day, and I was still pissed off. We got in the store and started looking around; everything was nice, and really expensive. When the clerk wasn’t looking, I slipped a pair of really expensive earrings into my friend’s purse. When we left, the alarm went off, and the clerk found the earrings in her bag. The police were called, and my friend kept crying that she didn’t know how they got in there … I got to go home, she got fingerprinted at the police station. The charges were eventually dropped, and she still thinks it was some kind of mix-up.


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2 Responses to “Shoplifting adventure”

  1. chris Says:

    OMG wow, u would do that to youre friend. U are a psycho bitch

  2. Billybob Says:

    You’re a piece of shit.

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