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Fantasy of wife and I being taped by someone

It’s our wedding anniversary coming up in the summer. The wife and I are going to spend teh evening in the same hotel we got married in California. It will be our tenth year anniversary. Just like many couples, our sex life needs more spice. Often we visited mixed saunas and found it a huge turn on watching others looking at her when everybody is totally naked and get aroused by her. Then we both started to go on Ashley Madison in California. Again, I found it to be a turn on when everyone sees us having sex on the camera.

I want to try something that I have often fantasized about on this anniversary date. I have been friends with a guy online from Ashley Madison for several months and we have got to know each other very well. I told him about my fantasy and he jumped at the chance to see my wife. We have planed it all out. I will just have to find the perfect time to explain what sort of anniversary present I want to my wife. So the fantasy is I want someone to tape us on the film. I originally wanted to be taped secretly without her knowing but I dont think that will work in this occasion. I will also tell her that the video is just for our enjoyment. I dont think she will go for the threesome right off the bat but the thought of being watched and taped by someone else in the room really turns me on. The guy I have been chatting with will also instruct what he wants to see from us. Hoping wife will be up for it.


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