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My secret of why I became a shoe store owner

I moved to Vancouver from a small northern town called Vanderhoof to go to the Simon Fraser University. I secured myself with a part-time job at a shoe store there. I thought it would be a boring job but little did I know what I had in store for me. Of course just like any other guys would, I would always check out girls. Summer was my favorite because of the dresses they would wear for shopping. They love their shoes. When they wanted to try out the shoes, that’s when my good times would start. Sometimes I’d start getting hard even before someone sat down. I love that slow leg cross and uncross when they would try out their shoes, sometimes they would cock their leg so I would get that incredible front row view right up under their skirt. It was almost like they are doing it knowingly. It was very nerve wracking looking up their skirts, but come on, I was a university student with full of testosterone. I stopped counting how many times I saw hot girls not wearing panties, sometimes I would even feel like I would climax in my pants with excitement. Sometimes they would try several pair of shoes and sometimes they would let me help them put the perfect shoe on them. I also remember sometimes when they would pay for the shoes; I would notice they would have a smile, almost like asking me, how did you like the show? It was so hot. One of the reasons why I own couple of shoe stores now.

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