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Wild Car Ride

My husband and I have an active sex life. What I think is active. There does not go a week where we do not have sex at least 3-8 times. One day while driving we realized we had no kids, as they were staying with their grandparents. It made us think of the days where we would stop along the road for a quickie or tease each other in the car while driving. As I was driving hubby rubbed my leg, my inner thigh and caressed the top of my panties. He talked dirty to me and continually asked how wet i was getting. I played like it did not affect me much and continued to drive. A ways down the road I had in my mind that I needed to find a place to pull over. This was a busy highway escpecially in the summer. I knew of a road up ahead and still gave no clue to my intentions. I slowed down and pulled over and turned onto the secluded dirt road. Hubby was still unaware and this being a nice spot by the creek thought I had stopped to take some wildlife/nature pics. We stopped and I said nothing. He looked at me puzzled. I got out of the car and he followed suit. I then said “Well if you want to have sex with me you best drop those bulging jeans of yours”. I then laid on the hood of the car with my skirt lifted to reveal my moist panties. The instant they were removed hubby was all over me. We made out for about 15 to 20 minutes in the wide open in the middle of a dirt road that anyone could have ventured down. It was very exciting and resulted in both of us cumming within a short amount of time. Needless to say hubby wore a smile the entire drive home and most of the next day. Now when we drive by that dirt road he looks over to me with a twinkle in his eye. I cannot wait until next time.


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