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Sex Amongst the Trees

I have a reoccurring fantasy about being accosted while walking up to UNBC, along the trail from College Heights. I imagine walking alone, at twilight, the road and trail around me empty of people, my footsteps and the odd chirp of a cricket breaking the stillness, when suddenly from out of the brush on the side of the path, a strange man, steps into my path, grabs my arms and pulls me toward him, away from the road and the safety of the trail. He tells me that he’s seen me walking alone up here for weeks, that at first he was worried about my safety and would walk behind me to make sure I was alright, night after night, but that now he is entranced with me. He’s watched me walk for so long that he feels he knows me. While he’s talking, in a rushed, excited near whisper, I’m pressed to him, can feel his body against mine. And when he’s finished trying to explain, trying to justify why he’s pulled me off the path, into the dark, he kisses me. I struggle to get away, at first, frightened, but I can’t help myself, I’m intrigued and turned on by the fact he’s created a story about me based solely on the way that I walk. I can tell he wants me, wants to feel the ass he’s been watching for so long and when he pulls me to the ground, I don’t fight him anymore. We make love amongst the wildflowers and birch trees, without ever telling each other our names.


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