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Women in Prince George and Quesnel fall for my lies all the time

I have been married to the same wonderful lady for 17 years now. We have one son who is turning 15 soon. I have the life everyone wants. I have a large house in the best neighbourhood, I have a new truck, my wife has a new car, and I have all the toys a guy could want (quads, sleds, etc).

But life is not always what it seems!!

I have been on several dating websites for a few years now. I usually say that my marital status as either single or separated. I tell the ladies I meet that my wife and I are no longer together, however, we do live in the same house. I tell them that she is terminally ill and this is the only reason we still live in the same house. We have agreed to stay together so my son can be with her during her last few months. But we are no longer together and she knows that I am with other women. The women seem to fall for it all the time. In the last two years, I have been with dozens of women. I usually even have a couple of women going at the same time. I explain that we can’t go to my place but that never seems to bother them. I get them to have sex with me in my truck, at their place or where ever we can. I even had one lady give me a bj when I took her out on my quad for a ride.

I truly have the best life anyone could ever have. I get the family life that I love and all the hot wild sex with tons of ladies and no one knows any differently. I would recommend that every guy does this. I have been having the best time of my life.

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One Response to “Women in Prince George and Quesnel fall for my lies all the time”

  1. Jack Fountain Says:

    Amen, of course that is the life. Keep up the good work.

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