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The woman I am having affair with in Quesnel maybe living with my wife and rest of the family in Prince George

For the last several months I have been having an affair with someone that works at our church in Quesnel. However, the thing is I am actually from Prince George and would come to Quesnel just for the church, because that’s where I grew up and that is the church I went to since I was a kid. It started out as just some flirting and some kissing and before long we were doing it in the class rooms, choir room, just about everywhere except the sanctuary. This lady is a friend of the family and we have socialized together including my wife and her husband, our kids play together, etc. If anyone from either of our side finds out it will be devastating. We both volunteer at the church which is messed up, I get it. It’s been all about the sex, and only the sex, for me. There is nothing emotional for me there except the excitement of extramarital affair. It’s just exciting to have the extra attention and we both feel we deserve some extra attention. She had told me several times that it was all about the sex for her too. I believed her because there was no reason not to. We both have our personal lives. Her husband has been sick for the last few years and unable or unwilling to take care of business and she had some serious passion built up. My wife also has low sex drive which drives me to this kind of acts.

Then my wife calls me one day while I was at work and tells me she had lunch with our friend and that she and her husband are getting a divorce. She wants to know if things get ugly can she and her kids live in our house for a couple of weeks until she can find a place of her own.

I told her “no problem”. And now I am worried that was a bad decision on my part. I hope I am not the reason she is divorcing her husband.

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