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Women are just as bad as men … or maybe it is just me!

I have been going on dating websites for just about 2 years now. Deep down I want to find that love of my life but I know that I probably will not find him on a site like Plenty of Fish or meet locals. Really the guys on there are out to find one thing. SEX!! You talk to all these girls that complain that they can’t find anyone as all men want is sex and they are a bunch of pigs. But really some women are there just to have sex too.

Yep I said it. Women are on those sites to have sex too. I am one of them. No one knows but I am on that site to drive men nuts. I will talk to a guy, flirt with him, make him want me …. and then never deliver. Yep. I love getting guys hot and horny and then giving them nothing. I want to know that they are out there wanting me.

Every so often though I get so turned on myself that I will meet one of them and have sex with them but I will never talk to them again. I will change my profile, my email, etc just so I don’t have to talk to them again. Although I would probably keep their names if they were good in bed but I am still waiting to find that. I guess a part of me enjoys being a little slut as everyone sees me as such a good girl.


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One Response to “Women are just as bad as men … or maybe it is just me!”

  1. mclovin Says:

    Good for u, that is totally hot, btw. Every guy is looking for a girl like u, myself included. I am basically married but cant help but cheat – my gf just isn’t good in bed and our relationship is more friendship than spark. I have a hard time chatting sex with girls, too polite I guess, too nervous about assumingtoo much. So I pay to cheat. But knowing that there are normal everyday girls in towns like little Quesnel who are naughty and horny is a huge turn-on for me. if you ever wanna get together- or just lead me to believe that we would someday, im game! mail me at [email protected] i pass thru Q every now and again. 😉

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