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I regret that I used whores in Prince George and Quesnel for sex

My secret is that I regret paying for sex. It seemed so convenient and easy. Send an email or call a number to book an appointment and that’s all I needed. I got what I wanted and walk away feeling satisfied. For some reasons I felt dirty and cheap. I kept coming back to it because I felt that I gained power every time I would have sex with someone new. I would think in the back of my head, “Whore, do you like it?” Now I realize I was not satisfied with my life and looked outside instead of inside for comfort and happiness. I was trapped in my marriage. Now that I look back I regret for what I have done. I should have left sooner. I should have listened to everyone else instead of myself. Everyone told me she was not right for you and that we were not compatible but I loved her and wanted to be with her. I thought one more chance will change it, one more chance turned into 2 chances then three and it kept growing. I thought once more chances will change her, what I didn’t realize was that some women never change! I am divorced now and found someone new. I now know what I was missing because she is showing me everything that I never knew existed! Live is a new adventure now but yet I regret my behavior and paying for sex.

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