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I regret I dont have a university degree

I regret not completing my undergrad education. I was a student at the University of British Columbia. My parents paid for everything, but instead of studying, I was too busy partying. Now I realize how important having a degree is, especially now that I am looking to change careers. Most employers want no less than a bachelor’s degree. If I knew then what I know now, my life would be so different now. I’m a forty two year old competing with 22 year olds who have graduate degrees. I am stuck with my high school diploma.


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One Response to “I regret I dont have a university degree”

  1. Billybob Says:

    A University Degree means fuck all in the real world.

    There are people with degrees on the wall that don’t have a brain in their head or anywhere in their penis area either.

    Then there are people who do not have a university degree and can do wonders in the business world because of ideas.

    If you have good ideas and the ability to deal with people on a straight level, the ability to lead and work with others effortlessly, you have more than the useless piece of paper that is called a degree.

    Having a degree just means that you overpaid for education.

    There are only a few jobs which reallly require a degree – and not only that, but the ability to develop an understanding and effectively work in that field.

    The rest of the jobs where a degree is “needed” are just bullshit jobs which if you can kiss ass good enough to the right people, you can get in anyway.

    Not that I recommend kissing ass in any fashion – but it’s true.

    There are political leaders and business leaders worldwide who have little or no experience in the reality that surrounds them – yet they have a degree in their field and they can offer little or nothing to make the economy or the world any better.

    Degree education for the most part is a lie. You will learn the important stuff when you have to do it and do it right, do it effectively and then you will understand that those with a degree – many are just fooling themselves and others.

    Lawyers with a degree just learned how to memorize arguments that were previously fought and won. The paperwork – you can learn that without a degree.

    Doctors / surgeons on the other hand – I wouldn’t trust one that didn’t have one.

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