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Afraid my husband will leave and divorce me

For a while now I am obsessed that my husband will leave me. We have been married for over 2 years now and he has never given me any reasons to feel this way. Actually on the contrary, he loves me deeply, is very caring, respectful, and all around a good man. So I have no idea where my fear comes from, other than the fact that he is totally awesome, good looking, and women flirt with him all the time. I’m on the other hand is very plain. I don’t like to put any makeup on or dress up. We live in Ontario and there are many cougar type women. So I think that one day he’ll wake up and get tired of me and leave me. I really don’t know how to get rid of this fear. I want to keep my husband and I don’t want him to divorce me or be without me even for a moment. I’m afraid he might end up noticing and realizing that he can do so much better than me.


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