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I am living a lie!

I live in London, Ontario. I have held this secret for years. I am too afraid to reveal this to my family and friends I know I will be looked down upon if I told them or worse yet they may disown me. I come from a very conservative Christian family. If I come out of the closet I will bring shame on them. The only ones that understand how I feel are the ones who are out of the closet already. Sometimes I wonder why I am like this. Why can’t I just be normal or just not be so afraid about anything? I have been living a lie and its killing me! Only my boyfriend knows that I am gay.

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One Response to “I am living a lie!”

  1. Coco Says:

    It gets better. I came out to my family 1 year ago & it went way better than I expected.

    Life outside the closet is waaaay easier than life in the closet was. IT was horrible, I don’t think you realize how much work it is until you leave it.

    The freedom is in letting go of the outcome & making the best choice you know how because the truth is you have no power over the outcome.

    Good luck. Lots of love

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