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My husband only loves me when I am thin!

I have been married to my husband for 34 years and we live in Prince Rupert. My husband decided he no longer loved me after I gained weight. I was 130 lbs. when we met and at my heaviest was 180 (I’m 5’5”). He used to call me fat and pick on me for my weight gain. It was horrible but at the same time I didn’t blame him because I was naive. I left him and he started seeing another (thinner) woman. This incident devastated me. I had a mental breakdown, developed an eating disorder and lost a lot of weight. Apparently, now he loves me again and I feel like the biggest dumb ass for coming back to him. I’m 115 now and it’s pretty obvious that I have a problem, but he could care less because at least I’m skinny. I can do better than a jerk like him. I plan to leave him again… this time for good. Hopefully, I’ll overcome my eating disorder in the process.


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One Response to “My husband only loves me when I am thin!”

  1. J Says:

    Stupid husband. MSG me pls

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