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Stumbling Across Someone I Know Cheating in Prince George, Because I Was Cheating Too!

I’m in my 40’s, married; I like to think myself a fairly average guy. Average, social and perverted, but I think that’s pretty normal for most of us, some of us are just more honest about it. I enjoy my life and love my wife and family, but I’ll admit I’ve always been a cheater. I know some people will think you are a bad person for it but myself, I make no excuses, I enjoy adventures now and then and overall I’m quite happy with my life. I don’t want to get caught, don’t want to hurt those in my family, but at the same time, it’s not enough of a deterrent to stop me.

When I was in my mid 30s I found those around me close to my age were in similar situations. I found female coworkers were finding their husbands weren’t paying them attention, treating them more as mothers and not wives or women. Some were open to me enjoying them as women. As well, I started to use personals sites. For the most part, most were a bust, but now and then I’d find someone who was looking for the same thing as me. They didn’t want to change their lives, just when schedules permitted, add some spice or provide a little escape. With some, I’ll admit, it was very enjoyable as they had fantasies or desires they’d kept bottled up and it was just a matter of them finding the right man who wouldn’t judge them for experiencing them.

With people you met through the net, you might share pictures of each other right away sometimes or not know their name or face until you met in person. With some you might share quite a few personal details while with others it might be complete anonymity. In a town Prince George, our size, it’s easy to understand the need for discretion.

Well, one lady I connect with was new to cheating. It was easy to see she had curiosity but was very much on the fence for actually going through with it. Being naturally curious, we’d chat now and then and my thought was if she chose to cheat and wanted me involved, great, if not, she was an interesting person and it was nice to chat about sexual things now and then.

I guess not everyone is as patient. She commented on a few men getting quite rude with her when all she would do is chat and not meet. We had started chatting in the spring and things didn’t really change until after Halloween. During that time she had told me about her experiences and her fantasies. Although I had never seen a picture, it was easy to tell she was self conscious about her weight. My experience with most women is that they seem to think they are so much “huger” than they actually are. Something I tried to get her to do was to take “little steps”. If you aren’t comfortable with cheating, but curious, there are a lot of things you can do to work your way up to it or decide if it just isn’t for you, without jumping all the way there.

For example, going braless or showing some extra cleavage or having a wardrobe malfunction. As well, if your husband isn’t paying attention, maybe draw his attention with some outfits you wouldn’t normally wear. Doesn’t have to be totally out there, just different than the “norm.” The times she’d take a few steps in that direction she’d be totally giddy about it for days after. Well Halloween she decided to take a big step. We talked about how Halloween was time even the nicest of ladies could “step out”. You know, sexy witches and angels and everything in between. It’s almost a time of year where you have a get out of jail free card. Well, she made this fairy costume that had quite a lot of veils to it. It was essentially a bustier with a mini skirt and wings but a lot was covered by the veils. As the night went on she got rid of a veil here and there. She drank heavily and used that as her excuse for her costume to come apart. The party was a get together of friends in their 30s and 40s and by the end of the evening there were just a few people. Sexual humor and comments, along with a lot of booze, were rampant. There was no touching but a lot of looking.

Well, she was beside herself with excitement when she told me about the evening. Her feelings of being exposed, feeling sexual, daring and excited. The thing was that as she described the evening I came to realize I was at that same party. I told her that and she disappeared instantly from msn. At our age, our friends don’t get together all that often and I didn’t see her again until a Christmas get together in December. She was back to her baggy clothes wearing self and although I was tempted to get her alone to tell her who I was; I thought it best just to leave it be and respect her privacy. A few days after the get together I got a MSN message from her asking if I’d also been at the Christmas get together. I thought it was interesting that after I thought she’d gone back to behaving that she was curious to know just who I was. Rather than saying yes or no, I asked her to guess who I was if I had gone, and who she thought I was if I hadn’t. She did guess me correctly. I guess I wasn’t as subtle as I thought.

Rather than admitting to it we agreed to meet at Forests for the World, a nature area close to town. It’s large enough that you could have a parking lot full of people and not run into anyone on the trails. We agreed to meet at the lookout point close to the parking lot. I waited 15 minutes after our time to meet then gave up and went to the parking lot and ran into her there. She was busy pacing by her car. We went for a walk down one of the trails and got to talking. She felt just as guilty about talking about cheating as someone who had actually cheated. What surprised me is that when we got back to the parking lot after about a 45 min hike, she asked me to get a motel. We decided on one and she followed me to it. I booked it and we went in.

It was fairly awkward until the first time I came. After that, she relaxed and talked about that it was too late to turn back now. She played and sucked me until I got hard again. The 2nd time we enjoyed a variety of positions and it was easy to see she stopped thinking and just enjoyed herself. The third time she let me penetrate her anally, a first for her.

It’s been a year and a half since that first time. We don’t meet often, life and schedules just don’t seem to match up as much as we’d like. When we do though, we do enjoy our times together. She’s confessed some desires to me she kept hidden while we only chatted. More than a few we’ve managed to make reality.

I know cheating isn’t for everyone, but my advice to everyone out there is that if you have an interest, try the little steps, see what works. You never know what life might give you.


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2 Responses to “Stumbling Across Someone I Know Cheating in Prince George, Because I Was Cheating Too!”

  1. Anonymous Reader Says:

    I enjoyed your article. I am a married guy too. I always think of cheating and exactly what you described is how i want it. What sites do you go to? Mind sharing that? I like the idea of adventure and thrill in cheating.

  2. 40inPG Says:

    I’ve used a variety of sites over the years. I find I like 3 in particular, Adultfriendfinder (AFF), PlentyofFish (POF) and Lavalife. Personally, I prefer AFF and am a paying member there. I find just the few dollars for a membership helps show you who is serious. As well, the site tends to attract people who are more open with what their needs are. POF is good as well and divided into 3 sections. I’ve met some lovely ladies from that site as well. Some were in dating and some were in intimate sections. Lavalife seems to go through phases where alot of new people are using it and then noone, in my opinion. I know it might sound like odd advice coming from someone who cheats but I find being completely honest in both your profile and your discussions once you do connect to be key. Some people might not like that honesty or bluntness and you might not end up chatting with as many people as you might if you were less direct but I find those people you do connect with tend to be better “fits”. There are alot of open minded and curious people in our town. I think it might surprise you.

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