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Fantasy of getting pregnent by another man

I have a secret fantasy that no one is aware of. I am married and have had fun through different personal advertisement sites, such asĀ Fling or Ashley Madison, meeting other men or couples. My latest experience has been one of intense pleasure that has taken me over the top many times. During the sexual interactions I secretly fantasize about a variety of things. One of the fantasies is being with this person using no protection during intercourse. I am aware of the implications this would cause and am concerned for my safety. The main reason though is I imagine him making me pregnant. To feel him inside of me and know that he and I are creating a life gets me off. I know it is supposed to be something intimate and shared between couples. Maybe that is the part of the fantasy, maybe I wish him and I were a couples. I don’t know the reason or why I get so turned on by the thought but deep down I wish it were reality. It is one of the things I wish I could experience.


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