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I have toe fetish

I just love female feet and painted toe fetish … I even paint my own toes sometimes… Mostly I just like playing with myself looking at girls feet and toes … pictures … My toe fetish started with my first wife who would make me massage her feet and I would get excited and she made me play with myself in front of her… She had me paint her toes for her and I couldnt help getting excited. Once in a while if she was feeling really mean she would invite some girlfriends over and I had to service their feet too … She made me get naked in front of them also … for some reason it was really exciting to me and I had to play with myself in front of them too… I didnt care i kinda liked it and the girls just laughed at me… I didnt mind I was enjoying my self… Now I just mostly look at pics on the internet and jackoff… and I just love it… this toe fetish gives me an exhilarating feeling.

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