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My dirty little mind

Well it’s a dark little corner of my sexual mind that keeps things from people.

My fantasies are things that would make the average person cringe with disgust.

I dream of being raped…the feeling of loss of power and restraint turns me on, just talking about it now I’m getting all wet and warm. The idea of someone breaking into my house at night and raping me, the idea of being kidnapped and being raped tortured, gangbanged, it runs ramped in my mind.

My other fantasy is to be fucked by an animal and being watched while I do it. To have that dog mount my cunt and bang me so fucking fast and hard…wow that is more of a turn on right now than anything ….the thought of both of them combined into one fantasy is better than anything I could ever do.

I don’t let people know what runs though my thoughts cause its very dirty and outright fucked up. Normal sex is a complete bore to me. I want to be treated like a whore beaten gagged satirized humiliated ect…..
To think that there are others out there that think the same are great but to find them discreetly and go forward with a few of these is tougher said than done.

Maybe one day I will get to do one of my thoughts dreams wishes but till then it’s what gets me off at night when I have sex with my old man……NOT EVEN HE KNOWS OF MY DIRTY LITTLE DEEDS THOUGHTS AND FANTISIES.


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5 Responses to “My dirty little mind”

  1. kyle Says:

    very hot

  2. matt Says:

    And here that’s just the kind of woman I’m looking for.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I can help you out with your rape fantasies, I have a very dirty mind as well..

    My email is *******

  4. admin Says:

    No personal identification information please.

  5. Dave Says:

    What about being kidnapped, beaten, raped, and impregnated. Knowing you can’t stop life from forming inside you and having four guys daily dump their loads in you so you never forget the time they made you their whore.

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