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My dirty fantasies

I am a shy person, and people think I’m sweet and innocent! Here is a peek in my mind and all the dirty and filthy thoughts that goes in it all day everyday.

I want to fuck older men, the uglier, the creepier, the hairier the better. I fantasize about them touching me at crowded place like supermarket or at the subway. I suck cock whenever I can, whenever I can, every chance I get. I want someone to buy me as a sex doll and keep me in a crate, unpacking me when he wants to use me. I live in the basement and I masturbate naked with the curtains open. I want someone to treat me like a whore. I want to be degraded. I drool at the thought of being raped. I want group of men pissing on me after they unload their cum on me. I have sex dreams about aliens and monsters raping me. Good thing about it all, it’s all a fantasy! I wish all these fantasies would come true!


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One Response to “My dirty fantasies”

  1. wills Says:

    God I love you 🙂
    I want to get to know you better, you are the girl I have been searching for my whole love. Someone who can make all my dirty nasty fantasys come true, plz respond I need you in my life

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