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Want to be raped repeatedly by group of men: Role-playing

Just to think of this secret fantasy turns me on so badly! While I am in my yard I would like a group of men (three of four) come into my yard and come up behind me and grab me by the arms and start dragging me inside the shed. Then taking off my clothes; starting with my shirt; then my bra, exposing my breasts to them. Then pull down my pants and take them off and then just rip off my panties. Then I want to be raped repeatedly for as long as they want to have sex with me. I want one guy holding my hands down and another pinning my legs while the third guy on top of me fucking. After he cums all over me, I want them to switch places, till all of them fucks me hard and cums. I want to hear them telling me what a whore I am. I want them to tell me no one could come to my rescue and that i am at their mercy. I want them to tell me how helpless I am. I am desperately looking for this fantasy to happen on no-strings attached and through Ashley Madison in Washington.


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