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First oral from the dad of the children I was babysitting!

When I was 18 years old, going to school to be a nurse in Kelowna and was babysitting for a family for a year for extra cash. The dad was 42 years old and so amazingly hot with his blue eyes and dark hair. I fantasize about him all the time but never acted on it fearing I would get caught. We also flirted with each other but never acted upon it. One night after the kids were asleep his wife went out with the girls, we started drinking. Before I knew it we were on the floor naked. He was the first to give me oral. We had amazing sex right there in the living room while the kids were sleeping and his wife was still out with her friends.

It was amazing. I miss it and still fantasize about it. I had to move to Alberta with job after I graduated.


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